Receive Critique & Improve your craft: putting the story above the writing

From critique partners and critique groups to online classes and workshops, there are so many ways to improve your writing. So why do so many writers not take advantage of these opportunities and remain stagnant in their craft?

Hannah Bowman, a literary agent at Liza Dawson Associates, said it best on Twitter:

This tweet was amongst an entire rant of fantastic advice, but I wanted to touch on the fact that as writers, we owe it to ourselves and our work to continuously improve the way we tell stories. Hence the title for this post.

When I first started getting my work critiqued, of course there were some growing pains. You pour so much of yourself into your story and characters that it’s sometimes hard to swallow harsh comments. But here’s the thing, when you start to incorporate some of those changes, you begin to notice the rise in quality of your writing. Then guess what? Your story begins to look like what you always wanted it to be.

So again, as the writer, you need to put your story above your sensitivities about your writing. At the end of the day, your writing is only the avenue in which the reader absorbs the story, so make it the smoothest, possible ride.

For Ms. Bowman’s full Twitter rant, go to:

Happy Writing!

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