You wrote a novel! That’s a Victory!

Not sure if you guys knew this, but novel writing is hard work! If you’ve written a novel (or any document that exceeds 50k words), raise your hand in the air AND HIGH-FIVE YOURSELF! Seriously, simply finishing a story is a huge accomplishment.

Now, if you’ve taken that doc, revised it then revised it again, go find someone to high-ten! You stuck it out through editing all those words and that is a serious feat!

If you’ve taken the plunge and sent your baby novel to beta readers, give someone an elbow-high-five because they’re awesome and so are you! Because here’s the scary truth, people are now reading a story written by you in its entirety.

I just took that plunge last night at 9:42 pm, and I’m still bouncing in my chair with nervous excitement. Seeming as how my border collie doesn’t have the capacity to give a high-elbow-five (though she gave awesome high-fives and tens because my dog is a genius!), I elbow-fived my desk. Cue funny bone that’s not so funny.

Well after I pressed the dreaded send button, sending my MS into the world after it’s fifth round of revisions, I was doing the writer-ly thing and downplaying the fact that I finished a novel. Instead, I was focusing on the possibility that the betas would come back with world-crushing, soul-sucking critiques and I’ll have to start from square one.

But my lovely friend and CP Chelsea told me, “Take the victory. There aren’t a lot of them.” And she was completely right!

As writers, and human beings, we face so much rejection and defeat that it’s almost illogical to belittle your successes.

So if you’ve achieved a milestone lately, whether it be large or small, treat yourself! You deserve it!

And keep writing!

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