BOOK REVIEW: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

So funny story. I’d put off reading this series for reasons I can’t remember. Then picked up book 1, Throne of Glass. Less than two weeks later, I was itching for books 5 and 6, WHICH DO NOT YET EXIST!

Over the next few weeks (the goal is once a week), I’ll be posting a review of each TOG novel with a non-spoiler-y section as well as a total spoiler-y gushing fangirliness rant section. So without further ado, Throne of Glass


Throne of Glass was a solid debut fantasy novel. It had the spunky, kickass heroine, the handsome prince, magical villainy, non-magical villainy, great action, and a unique, complex world.

Celaena Sardothien is an assassin who has spent the last year in a slave camp. She is pulled out of slavery to compete to become the King’s assassin. Publisher’s Weekly described it as Graceling meets The Hunger Games, and between the to-the-death competition and court intrigue, I have to agree. You find reasons to root for all the characters and you keep reading to see how their motivations all intertwine and develop.

Overall, it was a really fun adventure. But it did have a habit of feeling like every other YA High Fantasy with a female warrior. There were moments during the novel that I thought I was reading Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this book, as well as the book it reminded me of. And though the plot was a bit on the predictable side, Maas lays the groundwork for a phenomenal series. So even if you thought TOG was “meh,” I still recommend diving into Crown of Midnight, because OH MY GOD, THESE BOOKS! Celaena and her world only become more complex and spectacular as you go along. Also, Queen of Shadows is everything!

Stop reading now to avoid spoilers.


Four words: Love Triangle Done Right. It’s not just there to ruffle the plot, Celaena has legitimate reasons to fall for both Dorian and Chaol. And because Maas writes in the 3rd person, from multiple POV’s, you know where everyone stands. So by the time you get to the dual at the end of the book and Dorian is standing by while Chaol is standing on the ring’s edge, giving Celaena strength, you’re feeling ALL THE EMOTIONS. Which I think speaks to Maas’s incredible talent and skill with wordsmithery.

I also want to talk a little about Celaena. Despite her unfortunate situation with Endovier, she’s in complete control of herself. She holds no bars in letting Chaol or Dorian know when they’re pissing her off, and she’s fully aware of the effect she has on both boys. Celaena holds her cards very close to her chest, from her friends and, somehow, from the readers. Of course you don’t realize all that until later books… SO KEEP READING THE SERIES!

And before I write a complete dissertation, I’m going to stop here. See you next time for my review of Crown of Midnight.

7 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

  1. I didn’t read the spoiler-y section because I still haven’t read this series yet, but every time I see a review I keep asking myself why I signed up for so many ARCs, lol! I want to read this series soooo bad. As soon as I do though, I’m coming right back here to fangirl. 🙂

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