Multiple Books at Once: I’ve gone off the deep end.

Before I jump into this post, I think I need to provide a little background information on the series I’m writing, specifically about the structure.

I am working on a 5-book YA Fantasy series that is structured similarly to the Avengers movie franchise. (Book 1 is Ironman, Book 2 is Captain America, 3 is Thor, ect.) Even though each book has its own separate MC and plot arc, they all converge into the main plot of the series. I made the crazy decision to write them all from First-Person Limited, but right now, they’re all yelling at me for attention. Screaming is a more appropriate term, but they’re at least supportive of one another, so yay.

Did I mention I’d gone off the deep end?


Anyhoo, I’m in the process of polishing Book 1 for querying, beginning of next year, and just finished the rough draft of Book 3 for NaNoWriMo. BUT I’m also re-outlining Book 2 because that’s going to need a total rewrite. AND Book 4’s MC suddenly wants to talk to me and reveal all her secrets.

Basically, my head feels full. But I’m choosing to see this as a blessing because any time I get warn out from revisions, I crank “Frag Out” by DJ Assassin, and start working on the outline.

I have a SUPER eclectic taste in music and sometimes that includes electro dubstep. If you’re into that, I HIGHLY recommend listening to this track. It’s a little different, but super powerful (and a bit addicting). Here’s the link.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t drawn to the fun awesomeness of brainstorming for the newer, shinier project, but a girl’s got to prioritize.

Here’s what’s working for me while I juggle these different projects. If it also works for you, awesome! If not, share what does in the comments below. I’d love to see how y’all handle this nonsense.

PRIORITY NO. 1: Polishing Book 1 (working title, Guarded)
No matter what else is going on, I make sure to polish at least two chapters a day. None of the other books will get published if this doesn’t, so this is my No. 1 until I begin the query process.

PRIORITY NO. 2: Outlining Book 2 (working title, Overwhelmed)
Because I already have a draft of this book, a lot of the messy work is done, so now it’s a matter of refining old ideas and weaving in newer, stronger ones. When I start querying Guarded, I’ll jump into revision on Overwhelmed, so it would be nice to have the outline finished before then.

PRIORITY NO. 3: Brainstorming Book 4
So here’s the dealio, I thought I knew what Book 4 was, then the Book 3 NaNo draft happened. One of the main characters switched camps on me, but I’m really excited about the change and all the plot/tension possibilities that come along with it.

The more time I spend with these characters and their stories, the more excited I am. Of course that translates to my creativity getting pulled EVERY WHICH WAY. But I’m okay with that as long as the world keeps growing the way it has. Hopefully, y’all will get to love with me one day! *fingers crossed*

What about y’all? Are you juggling multiple projects? How do you manage them?

Side note: Just realized I need to add synopsis to my To-Do list. One for each book… ::face:palm::

Happy writing, everyone!



9 thoughts on “Multiple Books at Once: I’ve gone off the deep end.

  1. Breeanna having fun. Check.
    Breeana being super creative. Check.
    Breeanna being super productive. Check.

    Everything seems normal from where I am. Deep end? You seem like a competent swimmer. 😀

    I think you’ll be absolutely fine. You are doing fine already. And you’re back with the writing challenge so you’ll get some cheering from there too. 😀

    *throws pom poms and confetti*

    You’re awesome. Keep being amazing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’m a competent doggy-paddler. Slow, but effective… kind of. lol

        And I’m so excited to being back with the Challenge. November swallowed me up whole. I blame Book 3. It was fun though. I love the freedom of the first draft.

        No worries about the spelling. 😉 There are so many vowels and double letters, sometimes I even spell it wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m only working on one book right now but think I can understand how suddenly working on several things at the same time would be intimidating (if exciting). Since I also work part-time I have no time for more but maybe in the future I’ll get the chance ^^ Good luck with everything!

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  2. I’m not generally one for dubstep (given that they are terrible because most of them place the same thing for like…. 64 measures -.-) but this isn’t bad. A little more variation might be nice. If I listen to music while writing it’s along the lines of Lindsey Stirling: techno/classical convergence. It’s awesome!

    As far as your novel, you know I’m rooting for you! You already have a lot more done than I do and I’m amazed at the undertaking you have with this. You definitely have it planned out, that’s for sure. ^.^

    Of course, you know I’m juggling multiple projects. I just wish I had the dedication that you had to stick to a single series at least. Your brain may be full, but it’s one series. Mine is like… mixing fandoms and stuff. Oil and water, man. I’m drowning in it!

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