New Blog Piece: Personal Musings

So after a year of blogging about writing, I’ve decided to add another section to this vacuum of space my words seem to fill up each week.

I’m taking the leap to share more about myself, my writing and my eclectic bit of experiences.

There’s a few reasons for this…

First off, I’m on the cusp of having a query-worthy manuscript. I’m still a few rounds away from a final draft that I would feel [comfortable] sharing with an agent, but it’s nearly there. NEARLY THERE!!!

Back to the point, I have no idea what’ll come of this whole process, but I want there to be some kind of dictation of it all. For myself and for ya’ll. I’ve never been the best at journaling. Sometimes things are better left as memories filtered through time-earned wisdom. But this thing, this journey in finishing a book and hopefully finding representation and hopefully getting published, is something I want to remember in all it’s painful and [God, I hope] wonderful glory.

Lots of hope, guys!

Second, I was just looking for more of a reason to shout words into the internet void.

Okay, not exactly like that, but I’ve fallen in love with the writing/publishing online community and want to contribute in any way I can. If that means letting ya’ll see the unadulterated pain of a writer hatchling, SO BE IT! Hopefully someone will take solace that this process is hard for everyone and take that as a sign to NOT GIVE UP!

Third, I honestly don’t know that I have a third. Do I need a third? I feel like lists need to have at least three points…

So here’s to my personal musings and what other nonsense comes from my brain during this process!